The Compromise Family Van, the V-Class with TopCar Design Body Kit

  • At MANHART Performance we have done it again. A new body kit was installed and this time on a Mercedes-Benz V-Class. The perfectly manufactured carbon body kits from our partner TopCar Design offers us every time a magnificent opportunity to upgrade a vehicle.

    This time a Mercedes-Benz V-Class was used for the modification. The kit is designed to a similar level as AMG and gives the understated looking V-Class the necessary boost in appearance. The customer decided to have the body kit painted in the colour of the car rather than in visible carbon.

    This is how a V-Class should and could roll off the assembly line at Mercedes-Benz. The high-quality kit is a great upgrade for the vehicle. Beyond the immense optical upgrade, the vehicle lost weight by fitting genuine carbon fiber parts. The body kit comes with German TÜV.

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