The upgraded efficient cruiser

Engine Icon


2.9-Litre V6 Biturbo Engine

Quattro All-Wheel Drive

8-Speed Tiptronic

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From 450 HP & 600 Nm

To 500 HP & 700 Nm

MANHART MHtronik Powerbox

Exhaust System Icon

Exhaust system

MANHART Stainless Steel Rear Silencer with Valve Control

MANHART Stainless Steel X-Pipe with Center Silencer

MANHART Downpipe “Race” without Catalytic Converter*


MANHART Downpipe with 300 Cells HJS Catalytic Converter*

*No TÜV Approval, Only for Export

Suspension Icon


MANHART Lowering by 30 mm using a KW Suspension

Wheels Icon


MANHART Concave One Silk Matte Black

FA and RA: 10.5 x 21″ (295/25 ZR21)

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Stock Brakes, Individually Tuning Options Upon Request

Interior Icon


Stock Interior, Individually Configurable Upon Request

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The Audi RS5 B9 marks the renewal of the first generation V8 cruiser which was on sale for six years. However, the RS model loses its 4.2 V8 naturally aspirated engine and replaces it with a 2.9 Biturbo V6 producing the same amount of power (450 hp). It does however have now 600 Nm instead of 430. The public opinion stated that it’s a better car, but the horrible lack of exhaust character lets you miss the old one. And this is where MANHART Performance enters the field.

First up, the power of the car has been upgraded to 500 HP and 700 Nm thanks to the MHtronik powerbox. Secondly, modifications for the sound were done. A complete MANHART exhaust system in stainless steel including downpipe and new center muffler were added and offer more character to the RS 500. The driver will get an amplified tone from the rear. It crackles very loud every time you lift your foot of the gas pedal.

The RS 500 is not only enhanced in terms of power and sound but also gained a more dynamic behavior providing a sports car feel. A reliable road contact is a must-have. Therefore, the RS 500 package includes a KW Variant 3 coil-over suspension kit which features a MANHART suspension trim. Through this, the car’s height can be changed, The steering was also enhanced, which makes the RS 500 more dynamic and responsive.

Moreover, the exterior of the RS 500 gets a new stealth and discreet design thanks to the 21-inch MANHART Concave One alloy wheels in silk matte black, which combines sporty and elegant aspects. The MANHART livery in gold accentuates the elegant and discreet side of the car. A main stripe crosses the car from the grille, passing the wind-shield which gets a gold MANHART lettering, to the rear diffuser.

The Quattro monogram on the front diffuser has been switched to gold, matching the gold line which underlines the bumper. On the side, the mirror caps are divided in two by gold trim. RS 500 lettering in gold is added below the RS5 monogram underlined by a gold touch. The typical MANHART side stripe is presented to extend the in-house livery. The wheel trim is in matching gold to complete the side design. Finally, the back diffuser edge is emphasized in gold to achieve the final touch of the MANHART livery.

This full project challenged us to make a good car even better, the subject to which we are dedicated to.