• Small Car - Huge Power

    MH1 400
    Engine Icon


    3.0-Litre Twin-Power Turbo Engine (B58)

    Performance Icon


    From 340 HP & 500 Nm

    To 435 HP & 644 Nm

    MANHART MHtronik Powerbox

    Exhaust System Icon

    Exhaust system

    MANHART Stainless Steel Axle-back Exhaust

    MANHART Downpipe with 300 Cells HJS Catalytic Converter

    2 x 90 mm Tailpipes TÜV-Version

    Suspension Icon


    KW Suspensions Coilovers Variant 2 incl. Support Bearings

    MANHART Suspension Setup

    Wheels Icon


    MANHART Concave One

    FA: 8.5 × 19″ (225/35 ZR19 Michelin)

    RA: 9.5 × 19″ (255/30 ZR19 Michelin)

    Brakes Icon


    FA: MANHART Brakes, 380 mm, 2-Piece, 6-Piston (Custom Setup)

    RA: Stock Brakes, Individually Tuning Options Upon Request

    Interior Icon


    Awron Display

    BMW M Performance Carbon Interior Panels for the Handbrake Lever, Gear Selector and the Steering Wheel

    Exterior Icon


    MANHART Carbon Front Spoiler

    MANHART Carbon Rear Diffuser

    The MANHART MH1 400 B58

    The MANHART MH1 400 B58 is the perfect hot hatch to scare Porsche and Co. in a calm appearance. It is based on the BMW M140i with its 3.0-Litre B58 Twin-Turbo engine. To take the MH1 400 to a maximum level of power, the car is fitted with a MHtronik powerbox, which enhances the engines performance using specific software. In addition, the MH1 has a MANHART downpipe with 300 cell catalytics converters. These lead to a reduction of dynamic pressure in the exhaust system and also cool down the exhaust gases. All this boosts up the power from the original 340 HP to an impressive 435 HP and 644 Nm.

    To generate a sound that matches the exceptional performance, the MH1 400 received a MANHART sport muffler made of stainless steel. Two 90 mm tailpipes round up the exhaust system, which is available with a TÜV approval. On demand, the MANHART exhaust tips can also be ordered with ceramics coating and an imprinted MANHART writing in gold metallic.

    The MH1 400 provides safety but yet very sporty driving experience through its KW Variant 2 coilover suspension system with support bearings. The additional MANHART suspension trim makes the MH1 400 so agile it will be a serious contender for even a new BMW M5 F90 on narrow tracks.

    As braking power should always match the acceleration, the MANHART MH1 400 is fitted with a six-piston brake system on the front axle. The rear axle stays standard as the brake system on the M140i is already powerful.

    The MH1 400 not only differs in performance from a standard M140i. it also received fundamental visual changes. THE MH1 400 exterior package includes a set of 19-inch MANHART Concave One alloy wheels which can be ordered either in silk-matt black or in diamond polished. Depending on the body colour the Concave One gives the chance to create a contrast to the car or fluently fit into the vehicles design language.

    Whatever the finish, the Concave One supports the dynamic appearance of the MH1 but yet make it looks elegant and sleek. The exterior package also includes a MANHART carbon front splitter, which not only gives the car a more combative look but enhances its aerodynamic attributes by improving airflow. The MANHART carbon rear diffuser reinforces the cars stability and creates a stealth look as well.

    The Awron display is what draws immediate attention of anyone sitting in the MH1 400. For curious drivers this provides additional data like boost pressure, G force and horsepower output at any moment. To deliver the special nature of the MH1 400 to anyone who sits in the vehicle, the interior package includes the BMW M Performance carbon interior panels such as the hand brake lever, gear selector and the steering wheel.

    The power of a Porsche 991 Carrera 4S in a little hot hatch, this is the MH1 400 B58.

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