This M2 has an M4 heart!

MH2 630


S55 3.0 Straight-six TwinTurbo


MANHART Water Intercooler

MANHART Turbo Upgrade



From 410 Hp & 465 Nm

To 630 Hp & 750 Nm


Exhaust system

MANHART Stainless Steel Exhaust System

carbon coated tailpipes 4x90mm



KW Clubsport Variant-3

MANHART suspension setup

Räder und Bereifung


Front axle : Michelin Cup 2 255/35 ZR19 with MANHART Concave ONE

Rear axle : Michelin Cup 2 285/30 ZR19 with MANHART Concave ONE



Front axle : 380x38mm 6 Piston Ceramic Brake

Rear axle : 370x30mm 4 Piston Ceramic Brake



M4 F82 7-Speed DCT



MANHART Leather-Alcantara Interior

Recaro Sportster CS Seats


Building the fastest and strongest BMW M2 on german roads and probably even the whole world. This vision led us to build the MH2 630. Based on the BMW M2 F87 the M2 engine was taken out and replaced by the much stronger S55 Biturbo engine from the M4. The effect was what any car fan calls a better power to weight ratio.

MANHART is well known since 1986 for processing great engine swaps. Whether an E30 with a V8 or a BMW Z4 with the E60 V10, building a big engine into a smaller car is the first step to create something very powerful and very unique. Since an engine transplantation is a huge project far more complicated than a simple Ecu Tune, the M2 transmission had to leave the car and was replaced by the M4 F82 7-speed DCT gearbox to handle the power. Some more things had to be done to generate the aimed goal of 630HP and 750Nm. First up is the MANHART turbo upgrade to generate more boost pressure for the MH2. A MANHART intercooler was fitted to the MH2 as well as a new carbon air intake so the bigger turbos have now less trouble breathing. Rounded up with a MHtronik additional ECU for advanced engine control software, the MANHART MH2 630 boosts out stunning 630HP and 750Nm. Those figures are propper supercar territory.

The MH2 must not be understated. Furthermore, it received a MANHART sport muffler made from stainless steel. The MH2s exhaust tips can be ordered either in carbon or ceramics coated. For the export market, we offer catless downpipes which not only lead to more power by reducing dynamic pressure in the exhaust system but also let the MH2 bang and burst like hell.

The MH2 is not supposed to be fast in the straight line only. To generate maximum cornering speed, the MH2 was fitted with a KW Variant 3 Clubsport suspension system. With this the MH2 is much lower than the base M2 and takes corners like a proper race car. A carbon strut brace taken from the M-Performance series increases the level of body stiffness once more.

For extraordinary braking distance, the MH2 has got a 6 piston brake system on the front axle as well as a 4 piston brake system on the rear. The brakes where specificly developed to fit the MH2 need for maximum brake power on track days.

The MH2 exterior package offers a high level of customization. Depending on the customer the car can be ordered in a „Track Edition“ spec with a massive carbon rear wing for maximum downforce and optional winglets on the front. The carbon front splitter can be either ordered adjustable or static. The MH2 exterior package also inludes a carbon rear diffusor and side wings from the M-Performance series. Depending on the spec a M-Performance carbon trunk lid spoiler lip can be ordered to replace the carbon rear spoiler. The MH2 630 comes with 19 inch MANHART Concave One alloy wheels either in silk-matte black or diamond polished. Giving the car a more dynamic look the Concave One also reduces weight.

The MH2 interior package offers as much individual styling as the exterior. The car can be ordered with a custom MANHART alcantara interior and gold stiching including A.-B,-C pillar, steering wheels, dashboard and roof liner. Also available are Recaro Sportster CS sport seats and various M-Performance carbon interior panels. Being a high performance car the package also includes the additional Awron display to bring up all important facts about the current engine situation such as boost pressure, horsepower, and G-forces.

The MH2 is far ahead of the standard M2 in terms of performance and looks. Depending on the configuration the MH2 can be a classic sleeper or a full on track car with menacing looks. The 630HP will hypnotize drivers and co-drivers no matter what it looks from the outside!