• Not Your Average M3

    MH3 550
    Engine Icon


    3.0-Litre Biturbo Engine (S55)

    Performance Icon


    From 450 HP & 550 Nm

    To 550 HP & 700 Nm

    MANHART ECU Remapping

    Exhaust System Icon

    Exhaust system

    MANHART Stainless Steel Downpipes “Race” without Catalytic Converter*


    MANHART Stainless Steel Downpipes with 300 Cells HJS Catalytic Converter

    4 x 102 mm MANHART Exhaust Tips with Carbon or Ceramic Coating

    *No TÜV Approval, Only for Export

    Suspension Icon


    Lowering kit with KW Suspensions Springs

    Lowering by 25 mm

    Wheels Icon


    MANHART Concave One with Diamond Polished Look

    FA: 9 x 21″ (ET30 255/30 ZR21)

    RA: 10.5 x 21″ (ET40 295/25 ZR21)

    Brakes Icon


    Stock Brakes, Individually Tuning Options Upon Request

    Interior Icon


    Awron Display

    MANHART Floor Mats

    Exterior Icon


    MANHART Carbon Hood with GTR inlets

    BMW M Performance Carbon Spoiler

    BMW M Performance Carbon Diffuser

    The MANHART MH3 550 30 years edition

    The BMW M3 is most likely the most popular of all M-cars. As an M3 owner you are one of many, but this will change with the MANHART MH3 550. Based on the M3 F80 30-year edition, the MH3 550 differentiates itself from its competitors in a stylish way.

    It all starts with an extra 119 HP due to some small changes including a software remapping. With these changes the 3.0-Litre Biturbo engine (S55) is boosted up to 550 HP and 700 Nm. Another modification are new MANHART downpipes. By using new downpipes the dynamic pressure in the exhaust system is reduced, which helps the engine to reach the bespoke 550 HP performance upgrade. More obviously the downpipes help to significantly increase the sound volume. Supported by a new MANHART sport-muffler made of stainless steel, the MH3 550 sounds more alive and more intrusive than a standard M3. For the export market the MH3 550 can also be ordered with catless downpipes which increases the volume even further. Exhaust tips for the MH3 can either be ordered in carbon or ceramic coated.

    For good road contact on high speed runs and in fast corners, the MH3 550 has got a set of KW springs. With the new springs the MH3 is lowered to the ground for better stance but also gains much better dynamic attributes and better steering characteristics. Despite sporty behavior the MH3 550 stays a proper daily driver. The MH3 has the M Performance brake system on both front and rear axle.

    The exterior package includes subtle changes which have a big visual impact. Our 21 inch MANHART Concave One alloy wheels can be ordered either in silk-matte black or diamond polished and build the bridge between a dynamic and elegant appearance. Depending on the body colour the Concave One give the chance to create a contrast to the car or fluently fit into the vehicles design language.

    Whether the finish, the dynamic appearance of the MH3 lets it look elegant and sleek. The MH3 550 has got a full carbon front splitter and rear diffuser from the M Performance series. As a result, the MH3 550 receives high quality characteristics as well as advanced aerodynamic attributes and increased contact pressure. This leads to better stability and grip on high speed runs. The MANHART carbon hood with GTR air vents adds a unique feature to the MH3 550 but also helps to cool the engine by advanced air flow in the engine bay. The MANHART Carbon hood can be ordered either in gloss carbon or painted in body or contrast colours.

    The MH3 550 30-years edition interior stays almost untouched. The two-tone interior of the M3 30-years edition base car starts at the front seats and goes all the way to the rear seats. On the centre console and the dashboard the MH3 550 is fitted with various carbon panels. The additional Awron display provides all necessary information such as boost pressure, horsepower and temperatures, and can also control the exhaust valve system.

    On demand the MH3 550 can be customized individually. The MH3 550 is pure understatement, a real wolf in sheep’s clothing to surprise anyone who doubts the hidden performance of this very special M3.

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    Shmee150 YouTube Video

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    AutoTop YouTube Video

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