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    MANHART MHX3 600 Slider 1
    Engine Icon


    3.0-Litre Biturbo Engine (S58)

    Performance Icon


    From 510 HP & 600 Nm

    To 630 HP & 785 Nm

    MANHART ECU Remapping

    MANHART MHtronik Powerbox

    Exhaust System Icon

    Exhaust system

    Four-Flow MANHART Stainless Steel Exhaust System

    MANHART Downpipes “Race” without Catalytic Converters*

    MANHART OPF-Delete Pipes with 200 Cells HJS Catalytic Converters*

    4 x 100 mm MANHART Carbon or Ceramic Coated Tailpipes

    *No TÜV Approval, Only for Export

    Suspension Icon


    MANHART Lowering by 30 mm by H&R Springs

    MANHART Suspension Setup

    Wheels Icon


    MANHART Concave One in Silk Matt Black

    FA: 9 x 21″ (ET20 265/35 ZR21)

    RA: 10.5 x 21″ (ET40 305/30 ZR21)

    MANHART Rim Decoration Gold

    Brakes Icon


    Stock Brakes, Individually Tuning Options Upon Request

    Interior Icon


    Stock Interior, Individually Configurable Upon Request

    Exterior Icon


    MANHART Decal Set

    The MANHART MHX3 600

    The little one which is acting big, while being based on the BMW X3 M Competition. The sporty compact SUV with powerful performance, which is anything but underpowered as standard. Thanks to MANHART, this is improved, which turns the MHX3 600 into a real rocket.

    With its 2 tons a rather small SUV, but yet extremely fast thanks to its S58 engine and MANHART Performance remapping. Combining the stainless steel exhaust system and software, MANHART provided a performance boost up to 630 hp and 785 Nm.

    The sound of the MHX3 600 stands out clearly through the upgrade of the exhaust system. Thanks to the complete stainless steel exhaust system, in conjunction with the built-in downpipes and OPF replacement pipes, a sound track is created that resembles a thunderstorm and is in no way comparable to the standard sound. Carbon tailpipes were installed for the optical completion. Optionally, tail pipes in ceramic look can also be selected.

    Lowering with up to 30 mm and the 265 front plus 305 rear tyres on the Concave One rims provide the necessary grip and cornering. The typical MANHART design gives the rather harmless looking X3 the necessary sporty touch.

    To suit the exterior colour of the car, the MHX3 600 comes with the MANHART Concave One 21” aluminium rims in matte black. The golden stripe on the rim edges are optional. To create an even sportier appearance, the MHX3 600 comes with a front splitter lip and the golden MANHART decal set.

    So relatively calm X3M turns into a small powerhouse with an appearance, named the MHX3 600.

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