A SUV for the special appearance

MHX5 700
Engine Icon


4.4-Litre V8 Biturbo Engine (S63 TÜ2)

8-Speed M Steptronic Transmission with Drivelogic

Performance Icon


From 575 HP & 750 Nm

To 700 HP & 900 Nm


Exhaust System Icon

Exhaust system

MANHART Stainless Steel Sport Rear Muffler

MANHART Stainless Steel Downpipes

4 x MANHART Tailpipes with Ceramic Coating

Suspension Icon


MANHART Lowering by 35 mm by H&R Springs

Wheels Icon


MANHART Concave One

FA und RA: 11 x 23″ (315/25 ZR23)

Brakes Icon


Stock Brakes, Individually Tuning Options Upon Request

Interior Icon


AWRON Display

The Interior Can be Individually Configured Upon Request

Exterior Icon


MANHART Carbon Hood with GTR Air Vents

MANHART Carbon Front Spoiler

MANHART Carbon Rear Diffuser

BMW M Performance Carbon Mirror Caps

THE manhart mhx5 700

A SUV for the special appearance. With more sound, more power and a more dynamic exterior design the MANHART MHX5 700 is far away from the X5M which normally has a bit of a „soccer moms car“ image.

The heart of the MHX5 700 is the S63 TÜ2 V8 biturbo engine which in the X5M already boosts out 575 HP. This is not bad but just not strong enough. The engine’s software was optimized due to a MANHART ECU remapping. In addition, the MHX5 700 received MANHART stainless steel downpipes to reduce the dynamic pressure in the exhaust system. With these changes the MHX5 700 is boosted up to 700 HP and 900 Nm of torque.

Soundwise the MHX5 700 is a lot more impressive compared to the standard BMW X5M. This is not only because of the new stainless steel downpipes, but also because of a new MANHART stainless steel sport-muffler. Consequently, the sound volume is as outstanding as the exterior design. A set of MANHART ceramics coated exhaust tips are the matching counterpart to the tremendous sound. Transmission wise the MHX5 700 stays untouched and keeps the X5M standard DCT.

The MHX5 700 gains a more dynamic and sporty character through a H&R lowering kit. The MHX5 now sits 35 mm lower to the ground compared to the stock X5M. The MHX5 comes with 22-inch MANHART Concave One aluminum wheels either in silk-matte black or diamond polished. Depending on the body color the Concave One can either contrast the cars colour and stand out as a highlight or fit right into the cars overall appearance. No matter if matte black or shining silver, the Concave One make the MHX5 more special without looking too flashy.

The MHX5 700 exterior package includes several changes and new body parts. Starting at the front the car is fitted with a new MANHART carbon front splitter. With its fins the MANHART front splitter not only leads upcoming air right past the car but also make it look wider, lower and more intimidating. The MANHART carbon hood with GTR air vents adds a great visual feature to the MHX5 and creates a unique appeal. Apart from the looks the MANHART hoods air vents cool down the engine additionally. The MANHART carbon hood can be either ordered clear coated, in the car’s body color or in a contrasting color. The exterior package also includes full carbon mirror caps from the M Performance series as well as a MANHART carbon rear diffuser. Generating more downforce due to its characteristic shape, the MANHART diffuser also makes the fairly discreet rear of the X5M much more exciting to look at.

The MHX5 700 interior package includes an additional display by Awron. It shows all necessary performance data like current utilization of horsepower, newton meters as well as boost pressure. On demand the MHX5 700 interior can also be individually customized.

The MANHART MHX5 700 is no SUV for a humble appearance. Louder, flashy and with a lot more boost the MHX5 700 makes the standard X5M looks like a rather boring family SUV.

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