Small Car - Big Performance

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3.0-Litre Twin-Power Turbo Engine (B58)

8-Speed Automatic Transmission

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From 340 HP & 500 Nm

To 450 HP & 650 Nm

MANHART MHtronik Powerbox


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Exhaust System

MANHART Stainless Steel Exhaust System with Valve Control

MANHART Downpipe “Race” without Catalytic Converter*


MANHART Downpipe with 300 Cells HJS Catalytic Converter*

*No TÜV Approval, Only for Export

4 x 100 mm MANHART Black Exhaust Tailpipes

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MANHART Coilover Variant 3 (3-way) by KW Suspensions

MANHART Suspension Tuning

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MANHART Concave One with Diamond Polished Look

FA: 9 x 20″ (ET35 265/30 ZR20)

RA: 10,5 x 20″ (ET45 285/30 ZR20)

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Stock Brakes, Individually Tuning Options Upon Request

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Stock Interior, Individually Configurable Upon Request

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MANHART Supra GR 450

A sporty coupé with 450 HP and 650 Nm of torque. The standard Supra isn’t underpowered at all, but with the MANHART Performance upgrade noticeably faster and more agile.

The modification of the stock exhaust system is providing a lot more sound to the Supra. The sound type and volume are upgraded and now suit the sporty look of the car. Exhaust tailpipes in a carbon fiber look are optional.

Because of not being good enough in our opinion, we changed the stock suspension to a KW variant 3 suspension. It not only lowers the car, but also increases the performance level in tight turns and on high speed runs.

The GR 450 is equipped with our 20 inch Concave One rims in the diamond polished look, which fit the black colour of the car. They also increase the sporty look . Rims in silk matte black are optional.

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