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3rd Generation EA888

2.0-Liter 4-Cylinder TFSI Engine

7-Speed DSG Transmission

Turbo Upgrade

MANHART Intercooler by Wagner

MANHART Carbon Intake by ARMA

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From 310 HP & 400 Nm

To 450 HP & 500 Nm


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Exhaust System

MANHART Downpipe Race without Catalytic Converter*

MANHART Downpipe Sport with 300 Cells HJS Catalytic Converter*

*No TÜV Approval, Only for Export

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MANHART Lowering Springs by H&R

MANHART Suspension Tuning

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MANHART Concave One with Diamond Polished Look

FA: 8,5 x 19″ (ET40 235/35 ZR19)

RA: 8,5 x 19″ (ET40 235/35 ZR19)

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Stock Brakes, Individually Tuning Options Upon Request

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MANHART Paddle Shifters

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RIEGER Front Spoiler



A compact sports car with 450 HP. The VW Golf VII R is already a really compact and sporty vehicle from the factory. The MANHART RS 450 takes it one step further.

With regards to the engine performance, we upgraded the stock turbo and fitted a TTE 535 turbo producing a higher output. The Wagner intercooler and newly fitted spark plugs make sure the performance through the performance package is on tap every single time.

The sound of the RS 450 stands out with its exhaust system upgrade. The MANHART middle muffler and the MANHART downpipe without catalytic converter produce a brutal sound track. The carbon air intake system from Arma allows the RS 450’s engine to breathe more freely, giving it more power.

The RS 450 is mounted on MANHART Concave One 19″ diamond polished aluminium rims to match the car colour. Alternatively, the Concave One can also be chosen in silk matte black. Inside the cabin, we fitted new paddle shifters.

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