The MANHART team can look back on more than three decades of optimizing BMW vehicles and gaining unparalleled experience in this field. The special focus of MANHART was always on refining M-GmbH vehicles.

The company’s trademark is to optimize performance through technology swaps, such as transplanting V10 or V8 twin-turbo engines, along with the associated gearboxes, from large M models, such as the E60 M5 or X6 M, to much smaller and lighter vehicles, such as the E92 M3.

At the same time, the quality standards of MANHART are so high that even BMW connoisseurs only realize at second glance that a completely different engine has taken their place at the site of the standard engine.


Part of MANHART Performance’s corporate philosophy is to take into account and satisfy the needs of individualists who do not want to settle for the “normal” but seek the “extraordinary”. This creation of the particular is achieved through the construction of high-performance vehicles that display their power more or less openly.

An enormous performance potential and understatement do not form diametrical opposites according to the MANHART performance philosophy, but rather – for those who would like to call their proverbial “wolf in sheep’s clothing” their own – they can best be combined. The best conditions for the construction of such a vehicle are the specialty of MANHART Performance, the transplantation of engines from larger M models into smaller and lighter vehicles, or the supercharging of their engines with turbo or supercharger technology.

Of course, MANHART Performance also offers performance upgrades for non-M models – for both petrol and diesel engines. The range of optical enhancements on offer, for example in the form of high-quality carbon fiber components or forged alloy wheels, is representative of the expansion of the company’s competences in the recent past.

Last update: 29-09-2019