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  • By installing a MANHART MHtronik add-on controller, a boost in performance of your vehicle is achieved, which provides even greater driving pleasure for real petrol heads. (A margin of +/- 5% in performance gains should be taken into consideration)
The MANHART MHtronik is the easiest way to improve the performance of your BMW F2x 2-Series with... more
Product information "MHtronik Powerbox - BMW F2x 2-Series"

The MANHART MHtronik is the easiest way to improve the performance of your BMW F2x 2-Series with up to 405 HP and 600 Nm.

As a simple plug and play solution, you can install the MHtronik powerbox between the original engine control unit and the engine sensors to exploit the power reserves of your vehicle. The MHtronik can be easily be installed and removed without the original engine control unit being affected.

MHtronik for the BMW 218i offers an upgrade from 134 HP to 167 HP and from 220 Nm to 270 Nm.

MHtronik for the BMW 220i (2014-2016) offers an upgrade from 181 HP to 220 HP and from 270 Nm to 360 Nm.

MHtronik for the BMW 220i (2016-2021) offers an upgrade from 181 HP to 221 HP and from 290 Nm to 320 Nm.

MHtronik for the BMW 228i offers an upgrade from 241 HP to 294 HP and from 350 Nm to 440 Nm.

MHtronik for the BMW 230i offers an upgrade from 248 HP to 322 HP and from 350 Nm to 451 Nm.

MHtronik for the BMW M235i offers an upgrade from 322 HP to 386 HP and from 450 Nm to 525 Nm.

MHtronik for the BMW M240i offers an upgrade from 340 HP to 405 HP and from 500 Nm to 600 Nm.

The advantages of the MHtronik are:

  • Easy installation and removal
  • High quality aluminum case
  • TÜV part certification
  • Connected to the CAN-BUS system (petrol engine) or exhaust temperature sensor (diesel engine).
  • Communication between MHtronics and vehicle happens constantly and every millisecond.
  • Water, oil and exhaust gas are always controlled.
  • Higher performance only if the operating temperatures are achieved.

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